About Sternfreunde Berlin & Brandenburg e.V.

As a recognized German youth welfare organization, we actively introduce the children and young people to astronomy. At night we do observations and astrophotography.

Additionally we mediate about astronomy, physics, computer science, math, telescopes, photo equipment and tutorials about image editing.


Since the establishment of the Pionierpalast (October 1979) in the Wuhlheide, children and young people have been actively introduced to astronomy.

After the political change in the GDR the Pionierpalast was renamed to Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum Wuhlheide, short FEZ. Until 1995 we had a lot of creative possibilities in the field of astronomy there. But in the course of downsizing and transferring the FEZ into a non-profit limited company, the astronomy position was eliminated.

In order to continue to offer astronomy in the FEZ, there was only one possibility:

We found a club!

Since June 24, 1995, we are a club. After a long correspondence with the district court and the tax office, it was done at the end of 1999. Since then, we have been allowed to call ourselves a non-profit organization and a sponsor of German youth welfare.

In summer 2021 we moved to the Zeiss-GroƟplanetarium and changed our name to Sternfreunde Berlin & Brandenburg e.V.. Since then, we support the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin with our work.


Anyone older than 8 years can join us. Our club members are mostly from the state Berlin and Brandenburg.

Sign the member application form now and become one of us!

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